Drink Menu

A list of our drink menu items, both hot and cold. Available for purchase at our location inside of Enid Axe, 104 North Independence in Enid.

Hot Drinks

Price: 12oz/16oz


Double shot.



Double shot of espresso, and steamed milk.


Latte (Flavor)

Double shot of espresso, steamed milk, and a flavor of your choosing.


Drip Coffee

No frills, just the java.



Double shot of espresso, topped with steaming milk.


Chai Latte

Creamy spiced chai with steamed milk.


Hot Horchata

Creamy and sweet horchata topped with steamed milk.


Sombria Hot Chocolate

Our namesake chocolate, made in house and topped with steamed milk. Can be made white or dark, with additional flavors added if desired.



Cold Drinks

Price: 16oz

Iced/Blended Latte

Double shot of espresso over ice, topped with half-and-half and the flavors of your choosing, or get it blended instead.


Cold Brew Latte

House-made cold brew over ice and topped with half-and-half. Add flavoring and a cold foam to complete the experience.


Italian Cream Soda

House crafted soda of your choosing, topped with heavy cream. Add boba for a fun twist.


Alani Italian Soda

Alani Energy of your choosing, topped with heavy cream. Add boba for an extra burst of flavor.


Red Bull Infusion

Original Red Bull with fun flavors added! Also it blended or with boba.



Specialty Drinks


Spicy Axe

Double shot espresso, bean-to-bar chocolate, cinnamon, and a touch of cayenne.


Oatmeal Cookie

Double shot espresso, Irish cream, brown sugar cinnamon, caramel, and dusted with cinnamon. Vanilla cold foam if iced.


German Chocolate Cake

Double shot espresso, chocolate, coconut, pecan, and vanilla. Coconut pecan cold foam if iced.



Double shot espresso, chocolate, and crème de menthe. Topped with whipped cream and chopped Andes mint chocolates.


Bananas Foster

Cold brew, crème de banana, brown sugar cinnamon, and caramel. Topped with a banana brown sugar cold foam.



Double shot espresso, chocolate, and toasted marshmallow. Topped with marshmallows and graham crackers. Toasted marshmallow cold foam if iced.


Sweater Weather

Spiced chai with apple pie.


London Fog

Earl grey tea and house made honey-lavender syrup. Topped with cream and vanilla.


Turtle Cheesecake

Real turtle cheesecake bites, blended with a double shot of espresso and flavor reinforcements. Topped with whipped cream and another turtle cheesecake bite.